From 1 to 240 users and beyond, Simplebus 2-Wire technology allows configuration of an entire Intercom system, using just 2 wires,including the power supply. 

For system requirements over 240 Users or Apartments, 'SimpleBus TOP' expands system capabilities to 1000's of Users. Simplebus makes it possible to realize any type of system, from two-family homes to the largest residential complexes, with maximum simplicity and efficiency.

Simplebus Color works perfectly with any type of cable: dedicated Comelit, two-wire, braided, braided and shielded or telephone cable. Simplebus Color is therefore also ideal in refurbishment works because the existing cables can be used (Note distance restrictions are specific to the type of cable used). SimpleBus also allows mixed systems using a combination of Audio, Black/White Video and Colour Video in the one installation.


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