Access: Manages a cardholder's access points and time authorizations as determined by assigned Access Groups.

Alarm Management: Improves operator situation awareness by providing actionable information, through multiple screens, to resolve a potential security breach.

Suprema Integration: Amadeus 8 supports BioEntry W2 access terminals (more bio reader types are on the way).

Video Integration: Utilizes a model of the Amadeus-linked HikVision® system to realize a CCTV client that is far from passive. An operator can link any camera to a specific tile on the screen.

Time & Attendance: A hassle-free, timesheet report generator.

LPR: Amadeus 8 uses LPR 26 Bits technology to support parking lot access control. A cardholder's license plate works with Amadeus 8's LPR feature to create an alternate cardholder identification platform.

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