3G/4G GSM Controller - 1 x Relay + 1 x input + Wiegand Input- 12,000 users and Remote ability


Access Control

Item Number: SG31-4G-I-WR-T2

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Palgate Australia provides secure full control system for access and gate control using GSM 2G /3G/4G cellular network, RFID wireless control and licence plate recognition (LPR) system.

Comprehensive and unique Web Interface allows Installers to control gates and devices and reduces cost of maintaining multiple gates, boom gates, garage doors and Intercom Doors from one interface.

Test your devices on line: Reception, voltage, users, efficiency, live information on all gates positions Open/close and create different rules for different users including importing and exporting users via Excel list.

1 optional relay
Remote control support
Input relay for alerts

Unlimited Palgate application users
4000 smart remote controls
Control with free application or easy web interface*
Real time indications to Email, SMS, API *
Unlimited logs*
Timers / events
Import/Export Excel files
Programmable relay pulse width
Input voltage 12-24 VDC
Size 50x70 mm

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