AM5 2,000 Cardholders 16 readers

Brand: DDS

Item Number: AMAD5-2000-16

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Amadeus 5 is DDS’ powerful yet user-friendly on-line access control and alarm monitoring software.
A large range of adaptive software solution modules allows you to tailor big and small installations. Packed with sophisticated features it perfectly fits the strict requirements of high security delocalised multi-sites with several hundred thousand of users. For small size installations, Amadeus 5 Light combines cost effectiveness, ease of use and high performance.
Amadeus 5’s huge system capacity enables an almost unlimited number of doors, controllers, cardholders, readers, supervised alarms, outputs, operators, access groups and security levels. Thousands of networks can be supervised.
The user-friendly software solution is easy to configure and use, with predefined parameters for fast installation, automatic actions and reflexes, as well as personalised reports wizard. Comprehensive information on real-time alarms, cardholder transactions and events are displayed in the active alarm window, event log, diagnostic screens and live interactive maps. Online Help is available from each screen.
With the best return on investment, Amadeus 5’s rich features can easily grow with an evolving customer’s needs. Optional modules seamlessly integrate with existing solutions.
The powerful communication environment allows redundant communication, alarm event mode, communication encryption and reflexes for emergency and routine operations, through the controller’s optional second bus.
Several integration gateways ease the interface with third party products. API, OPC server and Modbus IP protocol are used for exporting alarms and events to building automation, process control systems or human resources software.
Efficiency and security in Amadeus 5 are based on 32 bit key communication encryption, database mirroring, redundancy DB architecture, data archival & back-up and bi-directional data exchange.
Amadeus 5 is compatible with Windows XP or higher, Windows Server 2003 or higher, MS SQL Server 2005 or higher.