ARX43E50 Standalone Receiver Message Player Unit

Brand: AarcEvac

Item Number: ARX43E50

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EVACUATION, ALERT, (LOCKDOWN*), & 7 Unique S.O.S. ZONES Indoor tandalone Unit for use in offices, clinics, clubs, etc.

The AARC-EVAC™ ARX43E50 Standalone Wireless Linked Emergency Alert Siren & Message Player Unit. It incorporates an in-built UPS and is fully self-contained making it ideal for use in locations where there is no existing PA system, or to cover areas not serviced by the PA system or to provide for redundancy if the PA system fails for any reason.
When triggered the unit’s Wireless Receiver activates standard emergency alert sirens and customisable audio messages. The unit has an integrated audio amplifier driving an internal speaker and an external Box speaker. The unit are designed to operate within an AARC-EVAC™ Wireless Emergency Alert System, or as a network of self-contained AARC-EVAC™ Standalone Wireless Linked Emergency Siren & Message Player Units.

 Units are triggered by wireless signals received from AARC-EVAC ATX43E series handheld or wall mounted Alert Panel transmitters (Not included - Supplied separately)
 The Units can also be triggered by a wireless signal received from an AARC-EVAC Wireless Signal Repeater Unit or from the front panel buttons on an AARC-EVAC PA system Receiver Message Player unit.
 Lockdown* alert is optional, based on the system selected - 5 Channel systems incorporate Lockdown, 4 Channel systems do not.
 Standard emergency alert sirens include “Alert”, “Evacuation”, (“Lockdown”) and
“Evacuation Drill”
o “Alert” activation outputs the Australian Standard alert tone (complying to AS1670.4), these will play continuously or will continue for 30 Seconds up to 240

seconds (Pre-settable), then if not cancelled will automatically trigger the “Evacuation” Alert. 

o “Evacuation” activation outputs the Australian Standard evacuation tone (complying to AS1670.4) To comply with Australian Standards for evacuation tones, a custom message may be played after every third cycle providing evacuation instructions to occupants. Voice message could be something like “please evacuate the building by the closest exit”
o (“Lockdown”) activation outputs an audio custom message to suit your application, chimes, tones, music track or voice message or any combination thereof.
o “Evacuation Drill” ” activation outputs a custom programmed “Evacuation Drill Warning” message followed by the standard “Evacuation Alarm”

 Up to 7 unique “SOS” assistance zone messages can also be triggered. i.e. “Security please report to the front office” or ”Management please report the lounge bar” or “Assistance required in room 23” etc.
 Multiple transmitters can be used within the same ”SOS” assistance zone, if required
 A wireless “Cancel” activation will stop any of the alerts and reset the system
 Power Supply: 240VAC – 15VDC Plug Pack Adapter
 UPS Battery Backup is provided, this will provide for approximately 2 hours of continuous alarm if the mains power fails.
 Mains Failure indicated by LED warning light
 Battery Status indicated by LED warning light & warning buzzer

Size:Unit: 250 x 325 x 140mm
Antenna: 100mm (Note: For larger systems the Unit can be supplied with a high gain antenna TXANT433N AARC EVAC Antenna 3dBi fitted to the bottom of the Unit or with a 3.6m cable and mounting bracket. Antenna Length: 325mm) 

Supplied with 1x internal speaker fitted and 1 x external box speaker P/No. AARC-S300