BIOXK-1 miPASS Access Kit- PIN&CSN

Brand: BQT

Access Control

Item Number: B2122G681000

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Package:MABioXK-1 miPass Access Kit:

1 x MABioXK-1 Charcoal (Mifare® CSN 32 bit), with TCP/IP-485 Converter and miPass Access Software

BIO XK-1 Biometric Standalone Fingerprint and Card Reader & PIN
Keypad Reader
This biometric reader offers a range of ofuser verification options with 1
or 2 or 3 Factor Authentication.User access can be granted by finger only, or verified through Card+Finger or Card+Finger+PIN.
Our custom, stand alone and software managed readers offer a range of options for template management. With the ability to store user biometric templates on the reader, user card (Template on card) or managed and distributed by our miPASS TMS software, we offer convenience and ease of use for your secure application.

Use with a MIFARE® card which reads the CSN (Card Serial Number).

MAXIMUM Limit: 500 Users(left finger and right finger per user)

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