Comelit 1212B Power Supply

Brand: comelit

Item Number: 1212/B

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The Comelit 1212B Power Supply is primarily used to power additional Handsets/Monitors in applications where multiple Handsets/Monitors are in the same tenancy and therefore have the same address.

Normally, the SimpleBus 4888 Mixer can power a system containing up to 100 Apartments or Tenancies.  Depending on the type of Handset or Monitor used, the Mixer can power Two Handsets/Monitors in the same tenanncy with both displaying live Video on a call.

In applications where more than Two Handsets/Monitors are required in the same tenancy, additional units can be programmed as 'Secondary' units, and without a seperate power supply, will receive an external call but will not display the video until the unit answers the call.  If the additional Handsets/Monitors are required to display Video automatically on a call, and therefore be set as 'Main' units, each one will require a 1212B Power Supply to provide external power.

As with all Comelit Power Supply and Switching products, the 1212B is a DIN Rail product with a 4 DIN size.  Powered directly with 240VAC, the 1212B outputs 20VDC at 15VA.

  • Power Supply normally used to power additional 'Main' internal Handsets/Monitors
  • Powered directly from 240VAC
  • 20VDC Output @ 15VA
  • 4 DIN Module
  • Short Circuit and over current protection