Comelit 'Smart-S' Colour Handsfree Monitor

Brand: comelit

Item Number: 6302S

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The clean design, soft lines and modern style of ‘Smart‘ make it the ideal door entry monitor for anyone who is unwilling to choose between aesthetics and functionality. Zero-encumbrance technology, capable of being noticed purely on account of its elegance and personality.

Boasting a 3.5 Inch Colour TFT Screen, the 'Smart-S' integrates perfectly into any room. 

The 'Smart-S' Handsfree Colour Monitor does not require a Backing Plate and is only suitable for use on Comelit 'SimpleBus' Colour systems.

It is different to the 'Smart' Monitor in that it can only be surface mounted and is not compatible with the 766333 additional Button module.

  • 3.5 Inch Colour TFT Screen
  • Handsfree operation with Full-Duplex operation
  • Door Release Push Button, also applicable when utilising Lift Control in Apartment applications
  • Selectable Ring Tones and Volume settings
  • Privacy setting, with Red LED indicator, for when you don't wish to be disturbed
  • 'Self-Ignition' function which enables viewing of the Entrance Panel Camera at any time
  • Switchboard or Concierge Call button, for Apartment or Hotel applications
  • Contrast & Brightness adjustments
  • Surface mount only
  • Not compatible with the 766333 Button module


138L x 138W x 24D (mm)


160L x 160W x 80D (mm)

Weight: 190 Grams