Comelit '316 Sense' Door Entrance Panels

Brand: comelit

Item Number: 3452S

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Flush-mounted entrance panel (fitted level with the wall) and 3 mm thick stainless steel plate. IK08 certified. Complete with 128x64 dot LCD graphic display and 15 buttons integrated into the plate, with no mechanical movement. Also works as electronic key code. Two search buttons are used to scroll though the names; alternatively, the first letter of the required name can be entered. Once the desired username is displayed, simply press the call button. The call can also be made by directly entering the user code. It can also be used to customise an initial welcome message and can operate with a dual user interface language. Fitted with rfid reader for local door lock control. Complete with VIP a/v unit Art. 4682HC for audio/video/door lock management, and flush-mounted box with concealed fixing screws. Dimensions 342x182x3 mm.