VESTA Wireless Door/Window sensor with AUX wired input

Brand: VESTA

Door / Window Sensors

Item Number: VS-DC-15-F1

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Door Contact DC-15 is designed to detect unauthorized opening and closure of doors or windows. Slimmer and shorter than the original design, DC-15 becomes less noticeable and blends naturally into any home décor. DC-15 is tamper-proof against the opening of its enclosure and the removal from its mounting surface. It also alerts the system control unit to any irregular activities and sends low battery signals as well as regular supervision signals to check system integrity. Its built-in extension terminal also allows it to be added to an existing wired sensor to double as a universal transmitter.

• Powered by pre-inserted Lithium battery for easy installation
• Mounted on door or window frames
• Extension terminals for connection to wired devices
• Serves as a universal transmitter
• Tamper protection to prevent unauthorized removal, sabotage or unsteady installation
• Randomized supervision signals for system integrity checks and troubleshooting
• Low battery detection
• Power magnet allows for overall side-to-side gap distance of 28 mm
• LED serving as a fault and test mode indicator
• Compliant with CE requirements
• Certified to Standard: EN 50131 Grade2, ClassⅡ

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