Crow Talon 360 Degree Ceiling Mounted Quad PIR, 7m

Brand: CROW

Alarms and Automation

Item Number: TLC-360

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Easily installed on any ceiling our detectors deliver industry-leading performance sensitivity and long-term reliability to protect offices or large warehouses with high rejection of false alarms and excellent detection and coverage capability.

 The TLC-360 detectors range is designed with Dual Element PIR .

  • Element Pyro Sensor
  • PIR Sensitivity Adjustment
  • 360° / Up to 20m diameter coverage (at 3.6m mount)
  • Complete range adjustment
  • Temperature compensation
  • ASIC based technology
  • Fully sealed optical chamber
  • Extra-wide rear wiring channel
  • Bidirectional temperature
  • Pulse Count
  • Tamper Protection (opening)

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