DDS 2 Door FLASH IP Kit + AM8 Entry Software

Brand: DDS

Access Control

Item Number: 996411

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1 x Entry level Software

1 x Enclosure + Power Supply

1 x Flash IP Controller

Amadeus 8 is DDS's next generation access control, alarm monitoring and video supervisor. To do your best work, you need a safe and secure environment. We recognize this need and leverage our powerful solutions across projects, big and small, to safeguard your workplace. DDS's industry dominance is based on our vast knowledge and 30+ years of experience in the field of security and applying it to an operator's field activities and software experience.

Access: Manages a cardholder's access points and time authorizations as determined by assigned Access Groups.

Alarm Management: Improves operator situation awareness by providing actionable information, through multiple screens, to resolve a potential security breach.

Suprema Integration: Amadeus 8 supports BioEntry W2 access terminals (more bio reader types are on the way).

Video Integration: Utilizes a model of the Amadeus-linked HikVision® system to realize a CCTV client that is far from passive. An operator can link any camera to a specific tile on the screen

Time & Attendance: A hassle-free, timesheet report generator.

LPR: Amadeus 8 uses LPR 26 Bits technology to support parking lot access control. A cardholder's license plate works with Amadeus 8's LPR feature to create an alternate cardholder identification platform.

FLASH controller is the ideal access control solution for small and medium installations. FLASH is a 2-reader/1-door or a 2- reader/2-door controller fitting a wide range of installations up to 10,000 cardholders (expandable to 20,000 cardholders). The elaborate access control capabilities include daily and weekly programs, holydays, security levels, RTE, escort, anti-passback, etc.

  • 2-reader/1-door or 2-reader/2-door
  • 4 supervised (4 states) inputs
  • 3 relays (each with 3 outputs contacts) + Leds
  • Up to 10,000 cardholders (expandable to 20000)
  • Up to 47,000 events in memory
  • Multi-technology: Biometric, Smart Card, Wiegand, Magnetic,

 A Licensed full version is available with a host of extended features, hardware & integration. For more information contact CSM.


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