DDS TPL 4 Door/Lift IP Controller

Brand: DDS

Access Control

Item Number: TPL4 D4-IP-84/N

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TPL controller is especially suited to high-security access control and real-time monitoring environments. DDS best-seller controller is adapted to a wide range of installations, from medium size to complex multi-sites installations. It is available in two versions: 2-door/4-reader or 4-door/4-reader.

The EXT-TCP84 extension boards when paired with up the TPL controller provides a cost-efficient solution to add extra functionality to the base controller. The extra functionality comes in the form of TCP/IP connectivity, extra Inputs (8), extra Outputs (4) and Control LED functionality for all readers.

  • 4-reader/2-door (TPL4)
  • or 4-reader/4-door (TPL4-D4)
  • 8 digital inputs (4 of which supervised),
  • extendable to 16 inputs (12 of which supervised)
  • 4 relays (each with 3 outputs contacts),
  • extendable to 64
  • 512K RAM memory for operating database, backed
  • by lithium battery to last for 10 years
  • Up to 44K cardholders
  • (up to 32K cardholders for the TPL-D4)
  • Up to 47K events in buffer with RAM dynamic allocation
  • 1 MB Flash memory for application firmware
  • (downloaded from PC)
  • 255 daily programs, 127 weekly programs
  • 180 holidays and Special days
  • 255 reflexes (local & network)
  • 2 serial ports
  • (RS232/RS485 and optional second bus RS485)
  • Redundant bus
  • Global reflexes and APB without PC via the second
  • bus of communication
  • Polling or event driven operation
  • Programmable communication encryption
  • TCP on board (optional)
  • Autonomous decisions at the local level without
  • degradation
  • Multi-technology: biometric, smart card, proximity,
  • magnetic, etc.
  • Speed from 4.800 to 38.400 Bauds
  • Removable connectors
  • High reliability in adverse environments
  • Board Dimensions: 120 x 100 mm
  • Operating Temperature: -10°c to +55°c
  • Storage temperature: -10°c to +65°c
  • Operational Humidity: 10 to 95%
  • Board weight: 110g
  • Working voltage: 12 VDC +/-20% (350mA)
  • Input Max Voltage: +/30V

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