External Interface Unit ATX43E45-EIU

Brand: AarcEvac

Item Number: ATX43E45-EIU

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ATX43E45-EIU External Interface Unit
The EIU (External Interface Unit) is a standard AARC-EVAC transmitter unit that is designed to transmit a trigger to the AARC-EVAC system. The EIU unit is designed to accept a dry momentary contact closure as an alarm trigger on the AARC-EVAC system.
Any one of the alarms or messages on the AARC-EVAC system can be configured to be triggered by an EIU unit.
Typical Application: Fire Panel Interface (Input from Fire Panel)
Typically when a Fire Panel is triggered by a heat or smoke detector, it will trigger an alarm. It will also provide a switched output signal from the panel.
The AARC-EVAC System will accept an EVAC trigger directly or an ALERT trigger. The AARC-EVAC system is designed to sound ALERT for a preset time between 1–255 seconds, then if not cancelled the system will automatically switch over to full Evacuation alert.