FR1200 Fingerprint reader with RS485 communication interface

Brand: zkteco

Item Number: FR1200

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FR1200, a fingerprint reader with RS485 communication interface works with access controllers including inBIO series controllers via RS485 It offers the function of capturing and transferring fingerprint samples to access control panel. With its IP65 rated for both internal & EXTERNAL applications. (optional plug-in iPSU Module 15-20VAC/DC can deliver up to 2Amps)

  • FR1200 works with inBIO series control panel or standalone device by RS485
  • IP65 certified for outdoor working environment
  • FR1200 has standard 125Khz ID Card module




324 MHz

Fingerprint Sensor

ZK Small Size Sensor

Algorithm Version

ZKFinger VX10.0



Standard Function

ID Card Module

Optional Function

MF Card Module

Voice Prompt


Power Supply

DC 12V

Operating Temperature

0 ~ 45°C (32°~113°F)

Protection Grade


Dimension(L x W x H)

102 x 50 x 37mm