FSH Domenut&bolt kit 4 Single Weather Res Mag FEM4500FS

Brand: FSH


Item Number: FEM4500-NUT

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The Electro Magnetic Micro Gate Lock FEM4500FS has a holding force of up to 200kg. This weather resistant lock is rated to IP67 with stainless steel body housings. The device provides a dual fixing arrangement, a built-in surge protector and offers both 12VDC and 24VDC operation. The Electro Magnetic Gate Lock also provides the monitoring feature “Lock Status Sensor” (LSS). The FEM4500FS Electro Magnetic Gate Locks come with
a lifetime warranty.

 • Lock Status Monitoring Sensor (LSS)
• Stainless 304 steel body housing
• Weather resistant IP67
• Lifetime warranty
• Guaranteed no residual magnetism

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