FSH SCEC SPEC HiSec Elec EcoStrk w AntiTmp,PreLoad Mon

Brand: FSH


Item Number: FES90M-P-S

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The patented FES90M-P motorised High-Security Electric EcoStrike with up to 35kg Pre-Load capability is a revolutionary electric locking solution. With a high Pre-Load/Side-Load tolerance and minimal energy consumption in ‘Sleep-Mode’, it is a truly “Green Locking Solution”.

The strike accepts voltages from 10 to 30VDC, is predrilled for extension lips and has a unique and simple fail-secure (Power To Open)/ fail-safe (Power To Lock) switch-over function.

  • Releases with up to 35kg of Pre-Load/Side Load 
  • Motorised locking device 
  • Durability tested to 1.5 Mill. full pre-load cycles of 35kg 
  • Multi-voltage from 10 to 30VDC 
  • Sleep-Mode Current less than 15mA@12VDC 
  • Pre-drilled for extension lips 
  • Up to 1300kg Holding Strength 
  • Shock/hammer resistant

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