FSHVELock PLoad Drop Bolt 25 FacePlte w 27 Strk PlteRND

Brand: FSH


Item Number: VE1260R

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The FSH-VE1260 is a high torque motor driven Drop Bolt with up to 35kg pre-load/side load tolerance. It can be installed vertically in the door frame (lock style) or horizontally in the frame header and has a symmetric dead-bolt mechanism to allow to be used on 180 degree swing through doors.

The FSH-VE1260 is considered a "Green Product" as it consumes an inrush current of 290mA @ 12VDConly during locking and unlocking action (Active Mode), then in the locked or unlocked state (Sleep-Mode), the Drop Bolt consumes current less than15mA @ 12VDC.

A series of additional Strike Plates allow for door misalignment of up to +12mm and a retrofit version of the FSH Eco Lock is available to suit the PADDE/TRIMEC ES8000 drop bolt footprint.

An optional LED red/green indicator unit is available.

  • Releases with up to 35kg of pre-load/side load
  • Motorised locking device
  • Durability tested to 400,000 cycles
  • Multi voltage from 12 to 30VDC
  • Sleep-mode current less than 15mA @ 12VDC
  • Fully monitored including reed switch for door position
  • Up to 1000kg holding strength


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