HID 3250 iCLASS SE 13.56MHz 2K Smart Keyfob II Pre-Prog- PO

Brand: HID

Access Control

Item Number: 3250PNNMN

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HID Global’s iCLASS SE® Key Fob is a high-frequency portable credential that makes access control more powerful and more secure through encryption of all radio frequency data transmissions between the key fob and reader using a secure algorithm.

 Convenient form factor with greater durability – Molded, high-impact polymer housing for maximum protection in harsh environments. 

Part of iCLASS SE® Platform – For increased security, interoperability and performance.

Technology-independent security – Provides multi-layered security beyond the device technology for added protection to identity data using HID Global’s SIO®. 

Trusted management and distribution of secure identities – Ensures trusted identity within the iCLASS SE platform of interoperable products

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