Honeywell 2012J AUS Smoke Det no Batt BackUp AS-3786

Brand: system sensor

Smoke Sensors

Item Number: 2012J

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System Sensor 2012 Series photo-electric 4-wire smoke alarm is designed to respond to a broad range of fires while providing maximum stability. Compact and easy to install this model also features AS3786 and AS1603 certification making it ideal for applications such as homes, apartment buildings in addition to small businesses.
  • 12/24VDC operation
  • Integral Temporal-3 sounder
  • Interconnectable up to 24 units
  • Built-in silence/test push button
  • LED indicates standby and alarm modes
  • Relay output for connection to external systems such as Security panels
  • Chamber integrity check function
  • Backwards compatible with 2012H

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