Honeywell ADPRO iFT Gateway 4IP Chanels Transmission Only


Alarms and Automation

Item Number: 66000000

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  • XTL-66000000
  • Offers up to 4 IP video channels with the option of adding more ADVANCED analytics
    of 4 indoor or outdoor video channels
  • Loiter and IntrusionTrace licenses NOT included (XTL-49976020))
  • Compatibility with the leading camera brands
  • Net I/O V2 or USB I/O modules provide the option of supervised inputs and outputs
  • Recording of video events is possible using a MicroSD card
  • Bidirectional audio is available via bidirectional audio from the cameras
  • Integrated optional ADVANCED video analytics; choose ADPRO IntrusionTrace
    IntrusionTrace or ADPRO LoiterTrace for each video channel
  • Simple configuration and management tool for easy commissioning
  • Mobile applications for monitoring, verification and remote control
  • CMS command and control platforms: VideoCentral Platinum (VCP), Event
    Management System (EMS) and iTrace App for iOS/Android
  • Open platform: ease of integration with third-party software

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