Honeywell ECO1000 Relay latching base 12V


Alarms and Automation

Item Number: ECO1000BREL12L

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The ECO1000BREL12L has been designed to provide interfacing between an ECO1000 detector and 12V Fire Systems or Security Control Panels that require an external contact to activate an ancillary piece of equipment.

The relay is controlled directly from the ECO1000 detector.  Therefore, in an alarm condition both the detector and relay base will latch  into alarm, and can only be reset by removing the supply voltage from the detector.  The base can be used with 4 wire Security Systems that have a reset facility.

  • Accepts ECO1000 range of detectors
  • 12V Latching version
  • Compatible with Fire & Security Systems
  • Tamper resistant feature
  • Detector removal detection (2 wire system)
  • Remote LED option


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