Honeywell IntrusionTrace on XO Lic Perpet - 32 Video Ch


Alarms and Automation

Item Number: 49975417

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  • Intrusion Detection License.
  • Quick and easy start with simple zone of interest detection.
  • 3D calibration, no learning period.
  • Powerful advanced parameters for improved probability of detection and reduction of false alarms.
  • Reduction of alarms by spiders/insects.
  • Reduction of car lights alarms.
  • Up to 16 zones or directional zones per video channel.
  • Flexible detection within the same scenario by criteria per detection zone.
  • Advanced algorithms to increase target detection and tracking.
  • It can detect: Crawling, rotating, running, and slow movements.
  • Each detection zone can have its own sets of parameters to allow detection of small and large, fast and slow objects in the same scenario.
  • It supports analog cameras (via NVR), IP, thermal and visible light cameras.
  • Visualization of detection rectangles available in XOa Client software, receiver software and iTrace App for iOS.


  • IntrusionTrace Perpetual License
  • For 32 video channels
  • Compatible with iFT / iFT-E only

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