Icona Series Hands-Free Colour Monitor Vip System. H264

Brand: comelit

Item Number: 6602W

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Flush-mounted (on box Art. 6117) or surface-mounted (with bracket Art. 6620) colour monitor with 4.3’’ 16/9 touch screen and hands-free full-duplex audio. Allows adjustement of backlighting intensity, contrast, audio volume and ringtone volume. Equipped as standard with sensitive touch controls for lock-release, audio activation, self-ignition, privacy service and 3 other controls for programmable functions, and door open and new message indicator LEDs. Standard floor door call and call repetition management, with alarm and panic inputs and micro SD Card slot. You can customise the ringtone and video memory function with an absent message. Can also be used on standard POE systems. Dimensions 142.5x147x23mm. Compatible with H.264 video format.


  • Audio/video system: Yes
  • Flush-mounted: Yes
  • Wall-mounted: Yes
  • Desk base-mounted: Yes
  • Hands-free function: Yes
  • Type of display: LCD
  • Display size (inches): 4.3", 16:9
  • Touch screen display: Yes
  • Display resolution (H x V): 480x272pixel
  • B/W or colour display: Color
  • Product colour: White
  • RAL9003 Sensitive Touch technology: Yes
  • Total buttons: 15
  • Backlighting color: White


  • Actuator control function: Yes
  • Self-ignition: Yes
  • Switchboard call function: Yes
  • Panic call: Yes
  • Intercom function: Yes
  • Selective intercom call: Yes
  • Call to multiple addresses: Yes
  • Privacy function: Yes
  • Doctor: Yes
  • Redial: Yes
  • Floor door call function: Yes
  • Electronic bell: Yes
  • Customisable ringtone: Yes
  • Video memory: Yes
  • Viewer energy consumption: Yes
  • Alarm function: Yes
  • Sound diffusion control: Yes
  • Receiving text messages: Yes
  • Images reception: Yes
  • Privacy conversation function: Yes
  • Key button function: Yes
  • Full Duplex hands-free function: Yes
  • Automatic gain control (AGC): Yes

Hardware spec

  • Removable terminals: Yes
  • Ethernet ports: Yes
  • Type of connections/ports: SD Card


  • Loudspeaker volume control: Yes
  • Microphone volume control: Yes
  • Ringtone volume control: Yes
  • Display brightness control: Yes
  • Display contrast control: Yes
  • Display colour control: Yes

General info

  • Product height (mm): 142,5
  • Product width (mm): 147
  • Product depth (mm): 23


  • Video door entry family: Yes
  • Vip system: Yes
  • Technical specifications
  • Power supply voltage: 36 ÷ 57
  • Maximum current absorption (mA): 200
  • Support SD card (card not in equipment): Yes
  • IP Rating: 30
  • Operating temperature (°C): -5 ÷ 40
  • Video encoding: H.264