IP Camera Setup Adapter

Brand: Veracity

Item Number: 80007

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This compact adapter allows installers to "break into" Power over Ethernet camera connections, allowing them to connect a laptop to the network right there at the camera for focusing and aiming, while still providing power and data to the IP camera. Using Pinpoint is simple: plug the source cable into the Pinpoint unit, plug the camera into the Pinpoint's RJ45 feed and plug the laptop into the unit's other connector. The camera is then directly accessible from the laptop or other network device. The unit is compliant with most types of PoE, including IEEE802.3af and 802.3at (High PoE) so is ideal for a range of PoE-powered equipment, including fixed and pan-tilt-zoom cameras as well as wireless access points and access control systems. The unit is powered by the PoE signal sent to the camera, so requires no external power source of its own.


  • Create an in-situ network point to aid with the aiming or alignment of PoE-powered network equipment
  • Compatible with most Power over Ethernet standards
  • Requires no external power source for quick and easy connection
  • Helps make installing IP cameras faster and easier for the installer