DDS JET 4 Door Access Controller

Brand: DDS


Item Number: JET D4/N

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  • Number of Doors: 4 (can be 2 door with IN/OUT)
  • TCP/IP: NO
  • RS485 bus: YES x 2 
  • Wiegand readers: 4
  • Number of Inputs: 8 - REX/REED for each door
  • Expandable to 16 inputs with extension board
  • Number of Outputs: 4 - 1 per door
  • Expandable to 64 inputs with extension boards
  • Mains fail & low battery inputs: YES
  • Number of Users onboard:44,000(up to 163,000)
  • All users can have biometric and card data
  • BOARD ONLY - Requires 12v PSU & Enclosure


    JET, DDS latest controller, has been developed to provide a high performance on-line access control and alarm monitoring solution for large installations in terms of number of cardholders and events in memory.

    The 4-reader controller is suited to manage 2 doors in and out (JET) or to fully supervise a more cost effective 4-door in or out installation (JET-D4).

    The controller is available with a 512K RAM (JET) or with a 2M RAM (JET 2M).

    The JET allows monitoring the entrance/exit of up to 163K cardholders and it can store up to 201K events in memory (See table below).

    By default, the controller capacity is 2K cardholders.

    The controller has 8 inputs and 4 outputs. All 8 inputs are supervised 4 states. They can be extended to 16 inputs / 64 outputs, with the addition of a plug-in extension board and 3 satellites (See table below). In addition there are 3 technical alarms for tamper, power supply failure and battery low.

    The high speed CPU deals with all access control and alarm management tasks in high security installations that require very large database. An optional 32 bits CPU can be installed to improve the controller speed.

    Communication channels are multiple:
    – Serial RS232 or RS485 communication port
    – Optional second RS485 communication bus, especially developed for redundant communication, alarm event mode, global reflex without PC, global APB without PC or satellites connection

    Boosted communication security is achieved through optional second serial bus for redundant communication with host, communication encryption and reinforced protection against lightning and short cut.

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