Item Number: 4579ELM0SC

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Designed with flexibility in mind, the one lock can cover all functions and is easily configured on site for the required application.

• Stainless Steel Latch and Faceplate
• Stainless steel plates that encapsulate the body against attempted vandalism
• Available in Monitored versions only

Monitoring Features

• Dead latched and Locked
• Door position/Reed switch
• Dual key override monitoring
• Request to exit/REX
• LED indication

Field Changeable Settings

• Fail safe/fail secure configuration.
• Multi-voltage - will work on 12-24 Vdc systems.
• Handing - left hand and right hand doors
• Selection of free lever or locked lever on both sides of the door
• Key override monitoring either side of the door
• Monitoring contacts – normally closed, normally open (for key override and request to exit only)

Note: this lock is designed to operate in conjunction with an electric strike. The lock will never unlock electrically from the external side.

The lock body should be encapsulated with stainless steel The lock should be capable of operation on voltages between 12 – 24Vdc and have a current consumption not more than 80mA (holding) @12Vdc and 50mA (holding) @24Vdc. Monitored locks must be capable of monitoring the following functions: Key override, door position / reed switch, selectable hub / Request to exit, & locking bar status. All monitoring outputs must have the ability to be wired independently. All settings – including: fail safe / fail secure, handing, hub selection must be field configurable.


Designed to provide internal emergency egress on doors whereby the door remains secure on the outside in the event of a fire alarm or break glass event.
A typical door set up would include the following hardware:

• Proximity readers on both sides of the door to gain access either way
•  Electric Mortice Lock set to fail safe inside. Note the lock remains in the locked state (externally)100% of the time if power is applied or not.
• Electric strike set to fail secure
• Break glass or Fire Panel connected to the mortice lock only

To enter or exit the door the user would swipe a proximity card to the reader. Upon authorisation from the EAC panel the electric strike would unlock, allowing the user to open the door. The electric mortice lock does not change state.
In the event of an emergency (fire alarm or break glass activation), power is cut to the electric mortice lock & places it in a fail safe mode on the internal side only. The mortice lock remains in a fail secure state on the external side.
Note: The 3579HS Series lock can never be electrically unlocked from the outside. A secondary locking device (electric strike) must be used in conjunction with this lock.

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