Lockwood ES8000 V-Lock Strike Plate 208000-003



Item Number: 208000-003

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The ES8000, also known as the V-lock is a high torque motorised bolt that moves from the vertical position to the horizontal state when locked. The bolt moves into the V shaped strike plate pulling the door aligned with the lock. The high torque motorised bolt can be concealed from view or surface mounted and has the worlds first fail-open motor locking mechanism which eliminates the need and cost of an additional key override function. Slim design with classic satin stainless steel faceplate, and significant 7mm overall (+/- 3.5mm) door misalignment tolerance make ES8000 a product with great aesthetic appearance as well as easy installation. Features SIDE LOAD - PRE LOAD Capable Lock will unlock with up to 15kg of side pressure, when wired in 3 wire mode. (1 x Permanent Power, (positive 12-24Vdc) wire. Negative (0 volt return) wire, and 1 x Switching input (positive 12-24Vdc) wire Door misalignment of up to 3.5mm +/- Power to Lock (Fail Safe) / Power to Open (Fail Secure) field configurable HIGH TORQUE Motorised locking and unlocking (3 wire mode) High Speed Operation. Unlocks in less than 1 second Surface Mount Accessory Kit. Ideal for 180° swing through glass door applications Multiple Orientation - Interior Doors Can be mounted vertically or horizontally (For exterior doors ES8000 must be mounted horizontally) Applications Misaligned doors Timer Doors Glass Doors Standards and Compliance SCEC Endorsed (Intruder Resistant Bracket Required) Successfully fire rated up to 4hrs on fire door assemblies in accordance with AS1905.1. 2005 (Part 1: Fire resistant door sets).


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