Mini Colour Monitor With Handset White Sbtop System

Brand: comelit

Item Number: 6701W

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Wall-mounted colour monitor with 4.3" 16/9 screen and handset. Allows brightness and contrast control, plus adjustment of the volume of the ringtone, which can be customised with a choice of different melodies. Equipped as standard with 4 soft touch buttons for door-opening, self-ignition, switchboard call and privacy service functions and with door status indicator LEDs. Manages floor door calls as standard. Option of adding 4 additional buttons with accessory Art. 6733W. Complete with 2 x 8-position DIP-switches for user code programming and button programming. Includes wall-mounting or residential series box backplate and riser distribution terminal Art. 1214/2C. The monitor can only be used in 2-wire SimplebusTop Color systems. Dimensions: 175x160x22mm.


  • Audio/video system: Yes
  • Wall-mounted: Yes
  • Desk base-mounted: Yes
  • Hands-free function: No
  • Type of display: LCD
  • Display size (inches): 4.3", 16:9
  • Display resolution (H x V): 480x272pixel
  • B/W or colour display: Colori
  • Product colour: Bianco
  • Sensitive Touch technology: Yes
  • Total buttons: 4
  • Additional buttons: 2
  • LED signaling (No.): 2
  • Backlighting color: Bianco



  • Actuator control function: Yes
  • Self-ignition: Yes
  • Switchboard call function: Yes
  • Panic call: Yes
  • Intercom function: Yes
  • Selective intercom call: Yes
  • Call to multiple addresses: Yes
  • Privacy function: Yes
  • Doctor: Yes
  • Floor door call function: Yes
  • Electronic bell: Yes
  • Customisable ringtone: Yes
  • Privacy conversation function: Yes
  • Key button function: Yes


Hardware specifications

  • Removable terminals: Yes


  • Loudspeaker volume control: Yes
  • Microphone volume control: Yes
  • Ringtone volume control: Yes
  • Display brightness control: Yes
  • Display contrast control: No
  • Display colour control: Yes


General info

  • Product height (mm): 175
  • Product width (mm): 160
  • Product depth (mm): 22



  • Video door entry family: Yes
  • Simplebus Top system: Yes
  • Simplebus Color system: Yes


Technical spec

  • Power supply voltage: 22 ÷ 28
  • Maximum current absorption (mA): 200
  • IP Rating: 30
  • Operating temperature (°C): -5 ÷ 40
  • RH max operating humidity (%): 25 ÷ 75
  • Video encoding: PAL / NTSC
  • Product weight (g): 0,65
  • Clamps: L L CFP1 CFP2