DDS OPEN 2 Door IP Access Controller

Brand: DDS


Item Number: OPEN-IP/N

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 OPEN controller offers an entry-level access control solution for small and medium installations. The cost effective security solution for doors, parking and interlock benefits from the wealth of features of the powerful Amadeus 5 software.

The controller is available with a 128K RAM (OPEN) or with a 512K RAM (OPEN 512K).

The 2-reader / 2-door controller supervises up to 44K cardholders or a maximum 47K events in memory (See table below). By default, the controller capacity is 2K cardholders.

The controller comes with 4 inputs and 3 outputs. In addition, an alarm is triggered if a reader cable is cut.

Communication with the host is ensured via the RS232 or RS485 communication bus or via the built-in TCP/IP interface (option).

The elaborate access control capabilities include daily and weekly programs, holidays / special days, security levels, RTX, escort, anti-passback, etc.

The alarm management functions supervise local and global reflexes, unsuccessful attempts, door alarm, duress alarm, etc.

The controller is easy to use. The system can be installed in a matter of minutes. Programming is simple. Flash memory allows easy firmware upgrade. The use of removable connectors will greatly ease system installation. OPEN takes independent decisions at the local level such as door opening or outputs / reflexes triggering, without any computer intervention.

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