Palgate Poly-4 Smart remote control


Access Control

Item Number: SG315A433

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Smart wireless 433 MHz remote control
Units are 128 bit encrypted which makes them impossible to duplicate !
​Timer by hours/days/dates
Each remote has 4 buttons which can be programmed to be used for a different function/different gate
Unique digital ID (serial number) to each remote control
Each remote control can be associated to more than one system.
Single 20 mm (2032) battery
Remote controls can be allocated to a specific person
Units can blocked instantaneously or can be deleted and/or re-assigned to a different customer/user via web interface*
We hold only black units in stock - White units must be pre ordered
Dimensions: 53 x 33 x 14 mm
Can be purchased Individually or as a pack of 10 units

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