Smart One-door Access & Alarm PoE Controller For Din Rail Installation

Brand: DDS


Item Number: SMART POE-IP//N

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The SMART controller is a one-door PoE access control system. The latest of the DDS products is designed for medium-size projects, as well as for more sophisticated multi-site installations. This innovative controller is powered directly by the TCP/IP network and fits Din rail installations.

Thanks to its embedded 12W PoE standard power supply, the controller takes its required power directly from the TCP/IP cable. The energy produced is sufficient to power up to two card readers and one door lock, as well as to charge a 12V/1.2Ah lead/acid battery. The latter will supply the entire system during power outages. The SMART-Poe can thus be installed in the door vicinity, saving on wiring cost.

Due to its ergonomics and standard size, the controller can be installed on a standard DIN rail.

The controller is available with a 512K RAM (SMART) or with a 2M RAM (SMART 2M).

The controller allows monitoring the entrance / exit of up to 163K cardholders and it can store up to 201K events in memory (See table below). By default, the controller capacity is 2K cardholders.

The SMART controls up to 4 supervised inputs (four states inputs). It has 3 additional technical inputs (for tamper, power supply failure and battery low). It manages two outputs. The SMART is connected to the main server via the TCP/IP network.

The controller supports autonomous decisions such as doors opening, outputs and reflexes activation, etc., and this, without PC intervention.

Programming is simple and its flash memory eases firmware downloading.

The use of new technologies against electromagnetic interference (6 layers PCB, protection components on inputs/outputs) further increases the system reliability.

The SMART is easily integrated within BMS external applications and installations including other DDS controllers.



Access Control & Alarm Monitoring