Sonic Force Sound Barrier



Item Number: INTENSO

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Intenso Sound Barriers emit an intolerable Sound Spectrum at 125decibels or even 127dB’s. This “Sound Spectrum” is totally unbearable and forces the intruders to retreat from the protected area.The Sound Barrier integrates straight into an existing alarm system. It does not replace anything. 

With the ever-increasing number of unauthorized intrusions including ram raids, the Intenso Sound Barrier is an ideal additional layer of security for:

  • Tobacconists
  • Petrol Service Stations – particularly those that sell Cigarettes
  • Liquor Outlets
  • Or any store or business that holds significant amounts of cash on site or high value product 

Not only is it the loudest Sound Barrier on the market, but is has 8 x Sounders, which are paired off, and each has its own patented undulating frequency, which gives it its own unique intolerable “Sound Spectrum!”

  • Creates three times the sound pressure

    of its nearest competitor.

  • You need 32 piezos, or ten 117dB sirens, to produce the same sound pressure as a  single Intenso.
  • Even at 7m, the Intenso is still above the crucial 110dB “redline” level.
  • European precision engineering guarantees a lifetime of trouble-free operation, with almost no maintenance required.

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