TPL-DR,access & alarm PoE controller For DIN Rail Installations

Brand: DDS


Item Number: TPLD4/N

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The TPL-DR provides the advantage of installation on DIN rails, while being powered directly from the network.

The TPL-DR controller is an ergonomic controller with standard dimensions (236 x 128 mm) for use on DIN rails. For use in 19″ standing cabinet, DDS has designed a 19″ rack that accommodates up to 4 TPL-DR.

A front panel provides the LED signals for power and communication. The TPL-DR / PoE controller does not require external power supply.

It is powered directly over the Ethernet network via the TCP/IP cable, thanks to its on-board PoE 12W power supply (if such a power is delivered by the network). This on-board PoE power supply powers the TPL-DR and its 4 readers, as well as a second controller (not PoE) and its 4 readers.

The TPL-DR exists in several configurations:
– TPL-DR DIN rail standard
– TPL-DR / IP with IP on board
– TPL-DR / PoE with PoE
– TPL-DR / PoE IP with PoE and IP on board

Those configurations are available for the TPL-DR (4 readers / 2 doors) and for the TPL-DR-D4 (4 readers / 4 doors).

The controller has 12 supervised inputs, 4 outputs (expandable to 52 outputs with 3 satellites), 2 serial communication ports and 4 readers. Each reader gets its own LEDs (pass and fail), as well as a buzzer signal.

The 512K controller allows monitoring the entrance / exit of up to 44K cardholders and it can store up to 47K events in memory (See table below). By default, the controller capacity is 2K cardholders.