TVT TruVue Video & Power BNC to RJ45 Balun Kit

Brand: TruVue


Item Number: 70862

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TruVue has been a leading supplier in the field of CCTV Security Cabling System products.  We supply a full range of  CCTV & IP Security Cabling products on Twisted Pair Transmission, IP Cabling Transmission, CAT5 Transmission, Data Transmission, Coaxial Cabling system for Video Distributor & Amplifier, Surge Protector, Solution Provider for Video Interference, other accessories...etc.
  • Camera end: BNC & Power cable to RJ345
  • DVR end: BNC Fly lead & PWR cable to RJ45
  • Supports 12VDC or 24VAC power supplies
  • Passive Video Transceiver (no power required)
  • Superb image quality over long range transmission

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