TruVue WIFI Video Door PhoneÄ?? Silver,Card Reader,RF Chime

Brand: TruVue


Item Number: TRUVUE-INT-101

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The TruVue WIFI Door Phone lets you answer the front door or gate from your Smart Phone and allows you to hear, talk to and see your visitor from an Android or IOS mobile device, using WIFI or 3G/4G, anywhere around the world.

Inbuilt Tamper detection and Motion/Movement Sensor also provide automatic notifications to your Smart Phone if someone removes the Door Phone or loiters in the area of the Door Phone for a pre-determined period of time.
Automatic or on-demand photo snap shots or video can be kept on your mobile device for reference at any time.

A lock release output allows you to remotely release a door or gate from your Smart Phone App.
The TruVue WIFI Video Door Phone also includes a Proximity Card Reader allowing staff, residents and home owners the ability to unlock the door or gate on arrival, by presenting a Card or Keyfob to the WIFI Door Phone.

Also Included in the Kit is a battery operated wireless Door Bell Chime unit which chimes every time the Door Phone Call Button is pressed. Up to 38 different chimes can be selected.
Never miss a call at your door or gate, from inside your home, even if your Smart Phone is not near you or turned off.

TruVue WIFI Video Door Phone Kit includes;

  • 1 x WIFI Video Door Phone 
  • 1 x Wireless Bell Chime Unit (Batteries not included) 
  • 1 x Plug Pack Power Supply for WIFI Door Phone (12VDC)
  • 1 x LAN Connection cable for optional hard-wired connection Fixings and Screws

• Free Smart Phone App for both Android and IOS
• Multiple WIFI Door Phones may be added to one APP
• Multiple Users may be added to operate a single WIFI Door Phone
• Connects to the Home or Office WIFI Network and provides both WIFI & 3G/4G operation
• Lock release Output
• Inbuilt Proximity Card Reader to operate the Lock release on presentation of a Card or keyfob
• Tamper and Motion Detection Alarms can be sent to the mobile device App
• Ability to automatically and manually capture Photo Snapshots and Video footage
• View WIFI Video Door Phone Live Video at any time, on demand
• Aluminium Body, Plastic Rain Shield

Wireless Battery Operated Wireless Door Chime features:

• One Wireless Door Chime can be matched with up to 3 WIFI Door Phones
• One WIFI Door Phone supports the connection of up to 4 wireless Door Chime units.
• 38 different ringtones to choose from.
• Operates on 3 x AAA batteries.

Operating Voltage  12VDC (Plug Pack Power Supply included)
Camera ¼”, F2.4, 110 degree viewing angle
Camera Resolution 0.3 MP
Minimum Illumination 2 Lux
Night Viewing 6 x Inbuilt Infrared Illuminators
IP Rating IP65
Dimensions 160H x 95W x 45D (mm)
Construction Aluminium Body, Plastic Rain Shield


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