VESTA Wireless Internal Motion sensor with 2mh.

Brand: VESTA

Internal PIRs and Brackets

Item Number: VS-IR-29SL-F1

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IR-29 Series is a microprocessor controlled PIR Motion Detector that offers quality detection. The advanced Adaptive Digital Signal Processing (ADSP) algorithms in IR-29 Series guarantee high performance in sensitivity, reliability, and false alarm immunity. The sensitivity levels of IR-29 Series can be adjusted to suit different premises. To further enhance its flexibility and affordability, Lithium or Alkaline batteries are available for selection.

IR-29-F1 adopts the latest RF technology to deliver super speed signal transmission and extensive communication range up to 300 meters in open space. With fast data transmission, IR-29-F1 is designed to effectively reduce signal collisions and further extend battery life. IR-29-F1 is compatible with AC powered F1 control panels.

Easy and flexible to install, IR-29 Series sends regular supervision signals to check system integrity and has tamper-proof design to prevent the opening or removal of its housing. The compact, low-profile housing allows IR-29 Series to blend naturally with the settings where it is installed.

  • Powered by pre-inserted Lithium or Alkaline batteries
  • Microprocessor controlled with advanced ADSP algorithms for false alarm immunity
  • Long battery life
  • Super speed signal transmission
  • Compatibility with AC powered F1 panels (F1 model only)
  • Two selectable sensitivity levels
  • Surface or corner mount with tamper protection against removal
  • Optional mounting accessory: Rotating holder
  • Randomized supervision signals for system integrity checks and troubleshooting
  • Compliant with CE and FCC requirements
  • Low battery detection
  • Superior white light and noise rejection
  • Superior radio interference rejection of up to 20V/m at frequencies of 100KHz to 1GHz
  • Detection range: 12 meters over a 110° angle
  • Automatic power saving mechanism
  • Insect and dirt proof
  • Compact and low-profile
  • LED serving as a fault and test mode indicator or a walk test mode button
  • Temperature compensated sensitivity control
  • Certified to Standard: EN 50131 Grade2, ClassⅡ

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