VESTA Remote Control (Deluxe) 4 Buttons inc Panic button

Brand: VESTA

Keypads and Remote Control

Item Number: VS-RC-29-F1

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  • RC-29 wireless Remote Controller offers users more convenience and flexibility by extending control of their alarm system to longer distances before entering the home or after exiting. Use the RC-29 to easily arm, disarm, and home arm your alarm system at your fingertips. When under an emergency situation, you can also activate the Panic Alert button with a simple press of button. Functionality and peace of mind all packaged into a compact remote control.
  • RC-29 uses reliable RF technology and can be integrated into Climax’s security system. The wireless key fob is designed to fit on a key chain, in a pocket or purse, or on your bedside table – anywhere you would like instant wireless control of your alarm system
  • Instant wireless control of the security system
  • Four buttons: Arm / Disarm / Home / Panic Alert
  • Durable, scratch-resistant buttons; Easy & Intuitive to use
  • LED serves as a transmission status indicator
  • Low battery detection; Long battery life
  • Convenient and portable keychain design
  • Suitable for security and home automation premises

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