YR10 Lock & Strike Plate

Brand: BQT


Item Number: YNL700A

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 The YR10 is a low voltage motor driven lock suited for securing roller shutters and doors. Designed to be installed internally, it can be surface mounted horizontally or vertically on the floor or wall. The YR10 is supplied with a matching strike plate and is strong enough to prevent forced entry on any style or size of door.

  • Holding force of over 3000Kg with a deadbolting pin.
  • Voltage input of 12 – 24VDC can be supplied.
  • Selectable automatic locking when the door closes.
  • Fail safe / Fail secure user selection with a single switch.
  • Door position and bolt locked and unlock position monitoring.
  • Multiple locking / unlocking attempts to correct miss-aligned doors.

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